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NAMU Special Care Services

NAMU Special Care Services


(1) Limp Care: to remove swelling after facial bone contouring surgery, separate into waste removal line, whitening line and elasticity line, carry out high frequency limp care, enhancing degree of completion of operation.

(2)Additional Care: Provide home kit that you can use to manage skin at home with organic pumpkin juice, anti-swelling injection after plastic surgery.

(3)Skin Care: Carry out special management for more beautiful results as well as skin trouble that may occur due to no face washing after facial bone contouring operation.

(4)Helper Service for Customer: Provide VIP medical service including 24-hour intensive management and shampoo service of exclusive-service nurse and tonic injection.

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Doublo Lifting Laser

Doublo Lifting

-Elasticity and lifting Care

Doublo lifting is the non-operative face lifting equipment in which high strength accumulated ultrasonic wave of Hipe can lift even SMAS layer between the derma and fascia layer. It is innovative lifting treatment equipment that can solve the fundamental cause of aging by regenerating the cause layer of deep wrinkle and drooping of skin.

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NAMU’s Exclusive Bird’s Nest Mask Sheet


Advantage of the 3-step Bird’s Nest Mask Sheet

1) Adhere to your face well
It applies the concentrated active ingredients(on cellulose textile materials) effectively on your face.

2) No chemical additives
This chemical-free product will calm your skin without skin troubles.

3) Low-pollution textiles
It is made from cottonseed and this helps to absorb ingredients well without causing irritation to your skin.


Kind of the 3-step Bird’s Nest Mask Sheet

aqua     Hydrating Type whitening          Skin-Lightening Type
3-Step Aqua-Shine-Mask 3-Step Whitening-Shine-Mask
Stay away from sensitive and tiring look and make your skin glow Stay away from sensitive and tiring look and make your skin glow
Protect your skin with Aloe Vera leaf extracts Keep your dry skin hydrated with improved nourishment and moisturization
Keep your skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid Lighten your skin, improve your nutrition and smooth away your wrinkles

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Information of Cosmetic Surgery V.A.T Refund


Information of Cosmetic Surgery V.A.T Refund

(NAMU Plastic Surgery Clinic is tax refund clinic.)

V.A.T Refund Items
– Double Eye-lid, Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery(reduction/augmentation), Liposuction, Face Lift, Facial bone contouring, Teeth Whitening, Laminate, Gingivoplasty, Orthognathic surgery
– Nevus pigmentosus, Freckles, Lentigo, Chloasma, Pimple, Hair removal, Hair loss, Hair transplantation, Tattoo, Tattoo removal, Piercing, Lipolysis, Skin regeneration, Skin Whitening, Anti-aging, Pore tightening


Refund Procedure

Issue of “Certificate of selling medical service for overseas patient” after medical treatment
Submit a “Certificate of selling medical service for overseas patient” at refund point airport, port, downtown)
V.A.T. Refund

◾You may submit the “Certificate of selling medical service for overseas patient” issued  after treatment to the operator of a refund point by any of the methods shown below.
① Refund at airport(port) of departure
ⅰ) Airport(port) with refund point in the bonded zone : Submit to refund counter or KIOSK
ⅱ) AIrport(port) with no refund counter(Muan•Yangyang•Daegu airport and Pyeongtaek•Jeju port, etc.): Put the certificate of selling medical service for overseas patient into mailbox next to customs with Consent to collection, usage and disclosure of personal information
② Downtown refund(Total medical expenses less than 2 mil. won: Submit the certificate of selling medical service for overseas patient and Consent to collection, usage and disclosure of personal information. In such case, refund counter operator may request a guarantee
◾You could receive a V.A.T. refund only if you submit this Certificate at refund point and depart Republic of Korea within 3 months after receiving medical treatment.


Refund Amount: 10% of the medical expenses eligible for V.A.T. refund after transaction fees are deducted

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Advantages of Namu Plastic Surgery

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Namu Plastic Surgery is a hospital.

We don’t recommend excessive operation and put priority on customer satisfaction after operation and safety that patient cares most after plastic surgery operation, than profits of hospital.


  • Professional medical teams per area with rich experience of operation and various know-how
  • Thorough operation plan in consideration of anatomical structure and function
  • Thorough safety management and 1:1 anesthetics system  (anesthetist stays at hospital)
  • Recovery management system for fast recovery and pain after operation
  • Use equipment and genuine products with proven safety
  • Complete customer management system for customer satisfaction and customer impression
  • Simulation education on emergency situation and possession of emergency CPR license of all staffs
  • Customer convenience service without time or provincial customers

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NAMU Safety System

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Safety is the basic of beauty.


Presence of anesthesiologist


Namu Plastic Surgery has taken charge of full stages of operation with presence of anesthesiologist.  In addition, he plays a role of examining the recovery status of patient after operation and determining the discharge of patient from hospital. In particular, facial contour surgery has higher level of difficulty than other type of plastic surgery.

While other plastic surgery calls in outside anesthetist, Son Mi-Kyeong, the director of Namu Plastic Surgery is the outside professor of Ewha Womans University Mok-dong Hospital, and officially registered in our Namu Plastic Surgery.


No-accident since opening

There has been no case of medical accident owing to treatment based on safety.

Let alone accident, no one patient has been transferred to general hospital to deal with medical accident. It is because every treatment has been based on safety of customers before, after and during operation.


Preparation for Safety


  1. Affiliated Company

Fast connection with emergency situation using close cooperation with general hospital such as Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Asan Hospital, Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital.


-Cooperation organization of Seoul Asan Hospital

-Cooperation organization with Seoul National University Hospital

-Cooperation organization with Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital


  1. All staffs possess licenses for emergency medical technician

All employees of Namu Plastic Surgery including medical staffs, coordinator and skin care specialist have licenses for emergency medical technician.


  1. Simulation education

Simulation education has been conducted regularly to cope with emergency situation fast and calmly.


Safety Equipment

Namu Plastic Surgery has been equipped with the state-of-the-art monitoring system that can immediately identify status of patient in patient sensitivity monitor using the anesthetic device of university hospital grade to help fast recovery and safety.


Safety Process

  1. Safety Inspection

Thoroughly carry out blood test, electrocardiogram and X-ray test to examine status of patients before operation.


  1. Bacteria-free Management

Have the latest EO gas sterilizer, high-pressure sterilizer, quick high pressure sterilizer, ultraviolet ray sterilizer and achieve no-infection operation with thorough sterilization of operation room and temporary operation equipment.

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Double Sleeping Anesthesia of NAMU Plastic Surgery

This is a type of anesthesia at the NAMU Plastic Surgery only!!!

Double Sleeping Anesthesia of Namu Plastic Surgery that patient breathes in by herself


The biggest concern of person who considers plastic surgery operation is “safety of anesthesia”.

double sleep

Anesthesia at plastic surgery is largely divided into local anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia and general anesthesia.


Double sleeping anesthesia of Namu Plastic Surgery is new anesthesia method of Namu Plastic Surgery combining the advantage of general anesthesia that induces deep sleeping by preventing movement of patient with the advantage of sleep anesthesia that gives less burden on the body utilizing the voluntary breathing of the patient herself.

Since the anesthesiologist induces deep sleeping state and safe anesthesia next to the patient from the starting to the end of operation and the patient breathes in by herself, the side effect after operation is low and causes no pain in bronchial tube that may occur after general anesthesia. In addition, patient can be discharged from hospital in 2 hours after operation due to fast recovery.

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Introduction to Namu Plastic Surgery

Namu Plastic Surgery takes priority on customer satisfaction and adopts safety first principle without any accidents for 10 years.

Under the motto of ‘Healthy Beauty’, we have strictly followed the strict rule of treatment that the plastic surgery should have.

Among top 1% of plastic surgeries in Gangnam-gu, fully armed with emergency medical care, Namu Plastic Surgery is the true plastic surgery that has recorded high satisfaction level of customer, revisit and introduction of patients as a result of plastic surgery that is natural and not excessive.


01. A hospital that everyone wants to visit
02. A hospital that realizes customer impression with safe and beautiful results
03. A hospital that everyone wants to work for
04. A hospital that contributes to society as admired company

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Vision and Treatment Ideology

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A Miracle that healthy beauty can create.

Namu Plastic Surgery shares that miracle.


Vision 01

-A hospital that everyone wants to pay a visit

Vision 2

-A hospital that puts into practice customer satisfaction with safe and beautiful results

Vision 3

-A hospital helpful to society and respectable company

Vision 4

-A company that everyone wants to work for work




Treatment Ideology

1. Honest Treatment

Moderate treatment and Reasonable Treatment, treating customer like my family

2. Customer Impression, Customer Satisfaction

Realize customer impression through differentiated service and safe beauty

3. Constant R&D

Pay attention to developing needs of customer and invest in research of new operation