Double Sleeping Anesthesia of NAMU Plastic Surgery

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Double Sleeping Anesthesia of NAMU Plastic Surgery

This is a type of anesthesia at the NAMU Plastic Surgery only!!!

Double Sleeping Anesthesia of Namu Plastic Surgery that patient breathes in by herself


The biggest concern of person who considers plastic surgery operation is “safety of anesthesia”.

double sleep

Anesthesia at plastic surgery is largely divided into local anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia and general anesthesia.


Double sleeping anesthesia of Namu Plastic Surgery is new anesthesia method of Namu Plastic Surgery combining the advantage of general anesthesia that induces deep sleeping by preventing movement of patient with the advantage of sleep anesthesia that gives less burden on the body utilizing the voluntary breathing of the patient herself.

Since the anesthesiologist induces deep sleeping state and safe anesthesia next to the patient from the starting to the end of operation and the patient breathes in by herself, the side effect after operation is low and causes no pain in bronchial tube that may occur after general anesthesia. In addition, patient can be discharged from hospital in 2 hours after operation due to fast recovery.