NAMU Safety System

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NAMU Safety System

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Safety is the basic of beauty.


Presence of anesthesiologist


Namu Plastic Surgery has taken charge of full stages of operation with presence of anesthesiologist.  In addition, he plays a role of examining the recovery status of patient after operation and determining the discharge of patient from hospital. In particular, facial contour surgery has higher level of difficulty than other type of plastic surgery.

While other plastic surgery calls in outside anesthetist, Son Mi-Kyeong, the director of Namu Plastic Surgery is the outside professor of Ewha Womans University Mok-dong Hospital, and officially registered in our Namu Plastic Surgery.


No-accident since opening

There has been no case of medical accident owing to treatment based on safety.

Let alone accident, no one patient has been transferred to general hospital to deal with medical accident. It is because every treatment has been based on safety of customers before, after and during operation.


Preparation for Safety


  1. Affiliated Company

Fast connection with emergency situation using close cooperation with general hospital such as Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Asan Hospital, Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital.


-Cooperation organization of Seoul Asan Hospital

-Cooperation organization with Seoul National University Hospital

-Cooperation organization with Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital


  1. All staffs possess licenses for emergency medical technician

All employees of Namu Plastic Surgery including medical staffs, coordinator and skin care specialist have licenses for emergency medical technician.


  1. Simulation education

Simulation education has been conducted regularly to cope with emergency situation fast and calmly.


Safety Equipment

Namu Plastic Surgery has been equipped with the state-of-the-art monitoring system that can immediately identify status of patient in patient sensitivity monitor using the anesthetic device of university hospital grade to help fast recovery and safety.


Safety Process

  1. Safety Inspection

Thoroughly carry out blood test, electrocardiogram and X-ray test to examine status of patients before operation.


  1. Bacteria-free Management

Have the latest EO gas sterilizer, high-pressure sterilizer, quick high pressure sterilizer, ultraviolet ray sterilizer and achieve no-infection operation with thorough sterilization of operation room and temporary operation equipment.