Real Nose Plastic Surgery


Natural Nose like my one from touch to function
Real Nose Plastic surgery is new concept of nose plastic surgery that creates the structure inside nose closest to human body while enhancing natural touch and function by creating the most ideal silhouette in consideration of angle of forehead, nose, lips and nose.


Use dual silicon


No-open type nose plastic surgery


Consider ideal angle and feature of each individual

You can push up, down or twist
as if it is my own nose
using the prosthesis of ergonomic design
combining softness and hardness
is highly resistant to infection and natural,
less burden on the skin and
mucous of nose.
Since it is incised inside nose,
it leaves no scar and cause less damage
in tissue,
realizing free movement of
end of nose. Movement of tip of
nose is freer after operation than
open type operation due to less
damage of tissue.
For the bridge of nose, shape
and location of dual silicon is determined
in consideration of angle to forehead.
End of nose is determined in consideration
of angle of the lip line with the septum
of the nose. You can get both ideal
shape and natural shape.