Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Operation of Namu Plastic Surgery?

We have done our best to give beautiful and natural volume while keeping the function of breast. We have achieved technology and know-how of operation with rich experience as well as minimization of scar.

Operation Method depending on Location of Incision

lines Armpit incision Areola incision Incision below breast
Method Incise wrinkle of armpit 2 ~ 4mm Incise below the dark areola Incise 3 ~ 4 cm along the wrinkle where the breast naturally folds over the abdomen.
Advantage Scar after operation is small and keeps natural shape. Cause no damage around pimple and no side effect of loss of sense in pimple. Short operation time and fast recovery Since the center of the place where prosthesis will be located is incised, it is easy to operate, and to obtain symmetry of space. Causes less pain and free to move arms Short operation time and easy to operate since it is operated directly under the breast.
Shortcoming Difficult to move right after operation Scar is operated in the middle. Impossible if areola is small Scar may be seen when the patient lies down after operation

Method According to Location of Prosthesis

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1) Operation method over the muscle

While it is not used much, this methods inserts prosthesis right below the mammary gland and is used selectively depending on shape or status of breast.
It is recommended to apply this method to the athletes with developed breast muscle , mastoptosis (drooped breast) and obesity. It has weakness in that prosthesis can be touched if breast tissue lacks since it is inserted direct below the mammary gland.
2) Operation method below the muscle

This method is to insert the prosthesis below the breast muscle called pectoral muscle and is recently used much.
It can avoid damage of nerve or blood vessel during operation, and breast looks more natural after operation and causes no problem in breast feeding since it is separated from mammary gland. It has weakness in that prosthesis may move depending on movement of muscle while it is good to touch and that shape of muscle may look unnatural.

Type of Prosthesis

1. Water drop shaped prosthesis
Recently, water drop shaped prosthesis (Germany, Polytech Health and Aesthetics GmbH) has been widely used in the world and is safe with official approval from KFDA. Since it has similar design as the shape of breast, it causes less side effects such as dislocation of prosthesis. It can be made into the most ideal shapes to individual rather than simply ample bosom through accurate design before operation.

2. Cohesive Gel

Cohesive gel is the most developed type of prosthesis. Liquid silicon may flow out when the outer cover of existing silicone gel is damaged, but cogel is gel type with physical property between liquid and solid, it can keep its shape without flowing even if outer cover is damaged.
  • 1) Smooth type
    Smooth cogel with smooth surface is used to treat through armpit, does not require blood bag but requires message treatment.
  • 2) Texture Type
    Texture type is treated through the areola or line below breast, does not require blood bag or message. Texture type is inserted as if wedge is inserted in narrow space because its mechanism is to make the breast tissue grow into the fine bumps of the surface so that it becomes unified with the breast.
3. Physiological saline prosthesis
Silicon bag is filled with 0.9& physiological saline solution and it is approved from FDA and has been widely used so far. Since it is absorbed into the body even if the bag burst, it causes no damage to human body, but the shape of bag is not kept like a flat balloon.
4. Autologous fat
While autologous fat graft can be used to grow breast using the fat accumulated on other area, it causes no side effects and feeling of irritation. But it is difficult to make it big since part of fat is absorbed.