MM PRP Fat Graft


Operation Information

Operation time Anesthesia method Hospitalization Remove stitch Recovery period
1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes Sleep anesthesia Discharge on the day of operation 1 week 1 week

** Above operation information is general and may differ depending on individual patient.

What is fat graft?

It is to collect the surplus fat from the abdomen, thigh or butt, to refine this using special centrifuge and to transplant it to the desired area such as forehead, cheek and jaw. Since fat tissue of patient herself is transplanted, it causes no injection and is safe. In addition, part of fat is absorbed to human body, but the live fat is kept semi-permanently. It lasts long with higher fat implantation ratio and can demonstrate better effects.

What if MM PRP Fat Graft of Namu Plastic Surgery?

It is new self fat graft that keeps volume for long period of time. It collects and mixes platelet rich plasma coagulated in the blood with the pure fat of patient herself, and transplants to the area customer wants. Since platelet contains various growth factors that may enhance healing power for body damage, it can enhance fat implantation ratio and duration period than existing fat graft method. **MM PRP(Micro-multilayer platelet rich plasma)
items MM PRP Fat Graft Ordinary Fat Implantation
Implantation ratio Incise wrinkle of armpit 2 ~ 4mm Incise below the dark areola
Treatment effects Scar after operation is small and keeps natural shape. Cause no damage around pimple and no side effect of loss of sense in pimple. Short operation time and fast recovery Since the center of the place where prosthesis will be located is incised, it is easy to operate, and to obtain symmetry of space. Causes less pain and free to move arms

Remember this! Key Point of ‘MM PRP Fat Graft”

Point 1. Leaves almost no scar
Administer on the small area like needle
Area of treatment is red for about 2 weeks but not visible after that.

Point 2. Almost no side effects since it uses the self serum with high healing effects
Can be replanted within several months if the fat is sufficiently collected at first treatment and kept freezing at sterilized status

Point 3. Convenient since stored fat can be replanted
Since it uses self serum, it has higher implantation ratio and higher duration.
If treated over 2 times, it can last semi-permanently.

Point 4. Duration is longer than existing fat graft method

Unique Strategy of Namu Plastic Surgery to Maximize Fat Implantation Ratio

1. Collect live fat tissue with low pressure so as not to damage the fat
2. Remove unnecessary fat and impurities using advanced centrifuge and refine pure fat with high purity only.
3. Mix the PRP that raises fat implantation ratio to the purified pure fat and mix well
4. Experienced doctor implants in several layers of the area using fine fat implantation tube.
5. Block contact of air and fat during the entire operation process from collection of fat to injection.

Area of Application

01. Face

If forehead is hollow or bone of eyebrow develops, you can have beautiful forehead using fat graft. If the forehead is round and swollen, face looks smaller and slim, and lateral line looks clear, creating more three-dimensional contour.

-Wrinkle between forehead
Deep and furrowed wrinkle between forehead creates angry facial image. If fat graft is done here, it can remove wrinkle and make it swollen, creating better impression.

Lateral cheekbone looks conspicuous if the temple comes down. Filing this area results in more balanced facial line and reduced cheekbone.

No fat on the cheek makes the contour of cheekbone remarkable, creating older and strong image. Fat graft on cheek makes the skin more elastic and look young.

-Front Cheekbone
Plain front cheekbone makes weak image and cannot give refined image. Fat graft on the area will result in more 3 dimensional and refined image.

-Noble Operation (Nasolabial Fold)
If mouth looks protruded or nose area looks dented, fat graft on this area will result in more elastic and young image.

-Tip of chin
Fat graft on short chin makes the lips come in and chin line slim.

-Hollow upper eye lid and under the eye
If fat under eye or upper eyelid is removed excessively during eye operation or due to natural aging, it may give tired image or looking old impression. Fat graft here makes it look more vivid and younger.

-Bridge of nose and lips
Fat graft on this area will create natural bridge of nose, nice and thick lips.

02. Body

Use the self fat to complete the natural and voluptuous breast without side effects.
-Back of hand
Back of hand has less subcutaneous fat and loses elasticity and blood vessels look visible as the aging progresses. If fat is implanted into the back of hand, it can turn elastic.

Cautions after Operation

1. You may feel swelling on the day of operation but no problem in ordinary daily life
2. To prevent swelling, give cold pack for 2 or 3 days after operation and put head higher during sleep
3. Area where fat is removed may feel strained for 1 or 2 weeks.
4. Bruise and swelling will disappear in 1 or 2 weeks after operation.
5. It is recommended to avoid smoking or drinking to raise the implantation ratio for 1 month after operation. No face message.