Operation Information

Operation time Anesthesia method Hospitalization Remove stitch Recovery period
Differ depending on area of treatment Sleep anesthesia Discharge on the day of operation 1 week 1 day for arm
3 days for abdomen
5 days for thigh

** Above operation information is general and may differ depending on individual patient.

What is liposuction?

It removes unnecessary fat using sound pressure or ultrasonic wave if fat accumulates too much in the body. It focuses on creation of smooth silhouette and creation of S line rather than pursuit of unconditionally slim body.

Remember this!

Point 1.This method increases effects by machine type liposuction with supersonic liposuction.

Point 2. It can thoroughly suction small fat particles that are dissolved well but not inhaled

Point 3. Destroy fat and minimize fat of tissue, suctions fat deep inside the skin

Point 4. It can take out lots of fat within short period of time as it suctions as the suction pipe vibrates right and left and back and forth several hundred times in a second using compressed air.

Point 5. Fast recovery of scar after treatment and small area of incision.

Step 1
Inject lipolysis solution
Step 2
Suction with lipometic power fat inhaler
Step 3
Elasticity post-management

Suction of fast per area

01. Abdomen

Since abdomen fat connects from the front part of abdomen to the flank, and love handle over the pelvis, balanced suction is important than anything else. It removes fat on the upper and lower abdomen, improves flank line and creates slim waist line.

02. Thigh

Since thigh is the area where the biggest muscle exists, rich fat exist here to protect this muscle. It can be separated into lateral part and back, knee and internal fat. Internal line inside thigh is made straight and outer line as slim line, creating attractive leg beauty.

03. Arm

Since arm has thin skin and blood vessel is located near skin, delicate attention is required at liposuction. Create slim and smooth arm line by uniformly removing the dropped fat on the forearm and shoulder.

04. Others

While there are not many fats in special area like shoulder, armpit, bra line and calf, it gives damages with protruded fat. Enhance satisfaction with delicate and fine liposuction in consideration of overall line.

Management after Operation

01. Daily Life and Shower

Daily life is possible right after operation, but it is recommended to take a shower after scar is healed. But, it is prohibited to use sauna, dry sauna or bathing.

02. Pressure Cloth

The area where fat is removed after liposuction is like the honey comb structure so that it is necessary to compress this area to maximize effects of fat suction operation.
Wear compression bandage for 24 hours after operation, and wear this during day time for 2 to 3 months. At this time, external ultrasonic water and message may help recover.

03. Drinking and Smoking

Avoid severe exercise for about 1 month after operation and carry out exercise and diet after that to get the best effects. But you can do light aerobic exercise like walking right after operation.