Whitening Care(Stains, Pigment, Blemish)
L.E.D. Toning is only available at Namu
** L.E.D Toning has excellent effects than general laser toning and presents the effects of making skin tone look bright.

What is L.E.D(Laser Eclat Dual) Toning?

L.E.D Toning is the unique therapy of dual toning of ND-YAG laser toning and E-Toning at the same time, added with optical retinol therapy, effective for stains and pigmentation.

Feature of L.E.D Toning

L.E.D Toning is very effective for whitening and dermal pigment treatment like stains and acquired bilateral nevus of ota. It presents bright and beautiful skin by treating “Helios II Laser” and “E-Toning Laser” at the same time. It is featured to cause no trouble to ordinary daily life after treatment.
L.E.D PLUS toning is the treatment combining 532 nm wavelength ‘ND-YAG laser’ complicatedly to the ‘Helios II laser’ and ‘E-Toning laser’ if the freckle and stains exist. It is also effective for treating epidermal pigment including freckle as well as stains.

Pore and Scar Care


Intracel is the treatment that creates new collagen and elastin by delivering thermal energy(high frequency) to the inner skin using special minute needle arranged at the interval of 1mm, and stimulating the fibroblast. It is best for improving wrinkle, treating acne scar as well as improving skin elasticity and reducing pore, and is featured to present the highest satisfaction to people of all ages and both sexes.


Fraxel induces fundamental skin generation by delivering heat to the collagen layer of skin derma and is effective for pore reduction and treatment of acne scar.
If you apply ‘PDRN’ products, the growth factor extracted from DNA after treatment, the absorption of growth factor is maximized over 100 times through the connection channel created with Fraxel, demonstrating superior regeneration effects.
Elasticity and lifting Care

Doublo Lifting

doublo Doublo lifting is the non-operative face lifting equipment in which high strength accumulated ultrasonic wave of Hipe can lift even SMAS layer between the derma and fascia layer. It is innovative lifting treatment equipment that can solve the fundamental cause of aging by regenerating the cause layer of deep wrinkle and drooping of skin.
Effects of Doublo Lifting
1) Nasolabial crease
2) Drooped cheek
3) Double chin
4) Skin elasticity
5) Crease around eyes
6) Drooped jaw line