Safe Canula Filler of Namu
for prevention of inflammation and for safety with disposable blunt canula.

General Filler VS Canula Filler of Namu

There are more and more cases that use filler simply to correct the complex of our own.
But, a detrimental accident may occur if the filler blocks the blood vessel, preventing supply of blood to the tissue on the area, resulting in necrosis of tissue, or it blocks the blood vessel to eyeball, resulting in loss of vision. Namu Plastic Surgery prevents inflammation of filler and promotes safety at the same time using the disposable blunt canula with blunt tip when treating the area with many blood vessels such as nose or forehead.
Blunt canula is expensive so that it is frequently reused after sterilization.
Namu Plastic Surgery uses expensive disposable blunt canula for perfect sterilization.

Disposable blunt canula for safe treatment

Blunt canula has bull tip and minimizes damage of blood vessel in the tissue.

canulla01 canulla02
▲Ordinary needle ▲Blunt canula needle

Blunt canula has dull(round) tip different from ordinary needle with sharp end, it can minimize damage of tissue and blood vessel in the tissue, resulting in bruise or swelling after treatment.

What is filler?

Filler is the material that is injected to the furrowed or hollow area with scar or wrinkle for improvement of volume. It can make your nose sharp and beautiful with this simple injection without incision of skin or get the effects of younger appearance with injection into lips or wrinkle that requires volume. If you don’t like it after treatment, you can remove it conveniently using enzyme injection any time.

Features of Filler

Safe: simple and safe

5 minutes!: shot treatment time for 5 minutes

Require no recovery period: makeup possible immediately

Area of Treatment

01. Forehead, between forehead, eye contour, nasolabial fold
Fill the deep wrinkles that are not removed with Botox

02. Puffy area below eyes
Puffy area below eyes contracts and slightly protrudes when the muscle around eyes laughs and creates impression looking young and cute.

03. Nose
You can get the effects of more vivid face when the nose dominates its position clearly at the center of face with treatment at the low bridge of nose or tip of nose.

04. Lips
If the lip is thin and fine, giving cool impression or the contour of lips is unclear, lips can change into glossy and voluptuous lips by injecting filler.

05. Chin
If the chin is short, fill the insufficient area with filler and correct.

Check this! Checkpoint before treatment

Q: Genuine filler with proven safety is used?

Namu Plastic Surgery uses the filler proven safe with approval of FDA

Q: Is fixed dose used per area?

Namu Plastic Surgery injects minimum quantity and retouches in 2~3 weeks, restricting excessive use and improving safety and effects.

Q: Does a plastic surgeon treat?

In Namu Plastic Surgery, plastic surgeon with lots of experience directly treats the customer, resulting in maximization of effects with treatment at accurate position and layer and improving customer satisfaction with treatment in consideration of overall balance of face.

Q: Is new product used?

Namu Plastic Surgery opens new products at the time of treatment in front of the customer.

Q: If it is left after injection, is it reused to other customer?

No, Namu Plastic Surgery retouches the customer without cost if filler is left after sufficient injection.

Namu Plastic Surgery remarkably reduces pain with ‘No Pain Program”
Step 1: No Pain Cream
Step 2: Cooling therapy
Step 3: Vibration therapy

If you are sensitive to pain or are fearful of injection, you can feel safe now.
Get more beautiful fast and comfortably with 3 stage no pain program.

Cautions after Treatment

1. Area of treatment may get red slightly or swell but it is temporary and may disappear soon.
2. Do not touch the area of treatment for about 6 hours after treatment. You may wash your face or wear light makeup after that.
3. Avoid smoking or drinking for 1 week after treatment, and avoid sauna as much as possible.